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Way of Removing a Toshiba Laptop Battery


Toshiba laptops ship with a removable rechargeable Toshiba battery designed to give you the freedom to use your laptop on the go. Laptop batteries actually start to wear down after a few years. You have to eventually replace them because they are not able to hold a charge for as long as they used to. To remove your old Toshiba laptop battery, you have to bypass the measures Toshiba installed to prevent your battery from accidentally falling out.

Step 1

Save your work and turn off your Toshiba laptop. Removing any cables or wires connected to the laptop, including the AC adapter and USB cables.

Step 2

Close the Toshiba laptop lid and turn the computer upside down. Slide the battery lock to the unlock position.

Step 3

Slide the PA3817U-1BRS battery release latch to the unlock position and hold it there. Pull the battery out of is compartment.

•Your Toshiba laptop can run on AC power alone if you plug in the AC adapter while the battery is out of the machine.

•Toshiba makes many types of laptop models, and battery systems may vary depending on which on you are using. Consult Toshiba product support or your Toshiba laptop user manual for model specific information from Australia Laptop Battery Store.


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