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How to Use a Nail Gun


Not too long ago, construction workers had to deal with sore fingers from missed nail heads. Technology has advanced to the point that pneumatic nail guns are as common as a hammer and nail. With prices being kept at competitive rates, even the lone handyman can afford the needed equipment. However, understanding the tool and how it works can help the user to get the maximum benefit from its use the Paslode 902600 nail gun battery.

Set the air compressor at 120 lbs. In most cases, this is the maximum pressure allowable. Attach the air hose to both the air compressor and the nail gun.

To load nails, locate the lever that releases the magazine that holds the nails. Push the level, load the nails and close the magazine until it snaps firmly in place.

Set the tip of the nail gun in the exact place where a nail is needed. Push on the gun lightly as there is a safety mechanism that prevents the gun from firing unless it is pushed in. Pull the trigger once. See the Resources section below for more tips on how to use a nail gun.

Keep plenty of pneumatic oil for the Paslode 902600 nail gun battery and use it as often as the manufacturer recommends.

Do not hold the safety mechanism in with your finger--this can cause an injury.

Always wear safety glasses.


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This tools make to easy work.But when we use this we should take some rules to avoid accident.such as finger should aware from nailer head
hasan@toolsadviser hasan@toolsadviser 13/05/2016 at 18:14

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