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How to Revive a Makita 18V Lithium-Ion Battery


Makita tools with an 18-volt Makita 1833 battery pack may include lithium-ion batteries inside. This battery pack contains 12 batteries, 1.5 volts each, wired together to create 18 volts of power. When you are working on a project and your drill begins to turn slowly and not penetrate wood or drive a screw, the battery pack most likely needs charging. Using a Makita fast charger will only take 15 minutes to recharge the battery pack fully.

Hold the trigger down on the Makita tool until the battery is entirely discharged. The drill will become silent and the tip will quit turning.

Grasp the battery pack on the bottom of the Makita tool. Press inward on the tabs on each side and pull the Makita 1834 drill battery pack out of the tool.

Plug an 18-volt battery charger into an electrical receptacle.

Insert the battery into the charger as far as it will go. A red light will illuminate and a buzzer or melody will play briefly when the battery is in position.

Remove the battery by pulling it upward and out of the charger when the light turns green or a buzzer or melody sounds that the battery is fully charged.

Unplug the battery charger.

If the battery is not removed from the Makita fast charger when it is fully charged, the charger will automatically trickle charge an 18-volt battery for 24 hours. The quick charger automatically sets itself to apply a small charge to the battery at intervals to keep it at full capacity until it is removed without overcharging it.

Discharging a battery entirely allows the charger to charge the battery fully each time without any residual electricity stored in the Makita 1835 tool battery.



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