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Take Good Caring For Your Power Tool Batteries

Batteries. You live and deal with them everyday, but do you really know the proper way to use and maintain them for optimal life? We dispel some of the myths and look at a few of the not-so-obvious care techniques so you can keep your gear juiced for the long-run.

We've seen a big shift the past few years as battery technology has transitioned from nickel-cadmium to the...


How to Jolt a Nicad power tool Battery Back to Life

You have purchased expensive reusable nickel-cadmium batteries in the hopes of saving money in the long run. Instead, you are met with frustration because the METABO power tool batteries no longer hold charge. Fortunately, there is a solution known as jolting, or zapping, using common items found in the garage. If not exercised regularly, nickel-based rechargeables develop an...


What Are the Dangers of Overcharging NiMH Batteries?

A nickel-metal hydride cell battery, abbreviated NiMH, is a common type of rechargeable battery found in consumer electronics. NiMH batteries have two to three times the charge capacity of nickel-cadmium Craftsman power tool batteries (or NiCd) and are inexpensive compared to lithium-ion cell batteries, making them a popular and cost-effective choice for consumer products that...