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Nimh Batteries in Cordless Drill Battery Care Blogs


How to Care for NiMH Batteries

Rechargeable NiMH (nickel-metal hydride) Ryobi power tool batteries are a necessity for power-hungry devices such as digital cameras, which can quickly drain conventional alkaline batteries. However, whereas alkaline batteries require little maintenance, NiMH batteries do need special care to not only extend their lifetime, but also to avoid potential dangers.

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Pros & Cons of NiMH Batteries

Nickel-metal hydride and lithium polymer Ryobi power tool batteries are rechargeable, versatile and used for small energy-draining devices. Hearing aids, radios, electronic toys and model planes all require these batteries to work at peak efficiency. Batteries are classified according to the materials used to make them. NiMH and LiPos offer some unique benefits over the other...


What Are the Dangers of Overcharging NiMH Batteries?

A nickel-metal hydride cell battery, abbreviated NiMH, is a common type of rechargeable battery found in consumer electronics. NiMH batteries have two to three times the charge capacity of nickel-cadmium Craftsman power tool batteries (or NiCd) and are inexpensive compared to lithium-ion cell batteries, making them a popular and cost-effective choice for consumer products that...