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Replace Cordless Drill Batteries in the Battery Pack

A cordless drill serves many functions. It can be used to make minor fixes and repairs around the house and can also be used on a construction site. Several manufacturers make different brands and models of cordless drills, all with different specifications, speeds and features. However, the battery packs used in the various cordless drills all remain the same. The drill battery ...



NiMH Tool Battery Charging Tips

While the research for NiMH batteries began in the 1960s, it wasn't until the 1980s that they became practical for real life application. NiMH Panasonic cordless drill batteries have much in common with NiCd (or Nickel Cadium) batteries in that both are Nickel based batteries. NiMH batteries are Nickel-metal-hydride and are related to NiH (Nickel-Hydrogen batteries, which are...


How to Remove a NiCad Power Tool Battery Memory

Nickel cadmium, or NiCad, Ryobi power tool batteries are rechargeable batteries the same size and shape as regular AA batteries. NiCad batteries are a terrific invention, as you simply recharge them for an hour or so and they're ready to use again. The downside to a NiCad battery is that after a while, you find the battery doesn't last long and it needs recharging regularly....


How to Get The Most Out of Your Tool Battery Packs

1. Keep batteries out of extreme heat or cold. High temperatures age the chemicals inside Hitachi power tool batteries prematurely.

2. Never run a drill battery all the way down. The moment you notice a change or slowdown, it is time to swap packs. Modern NiCd batteries do NOT have “memory effect”. Never put a rubber band around the trigger to completely drain a battery on...