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How to Recharge a Black & Decker Rechargeable Weed Eater

Using a rechargeable Black & Decker weed eater represents a far greener approach to going after weeds that sprout in your flower beds, sidewalk and driveway than its gas-powered cousin. You generally can expect to work for about 20 minutes on a single battery charge before you will need to recharge your Black & Decker trimmer. Because the weed eater's 18-volt lithium Black &...



How to Use a Nail Gun

Not too long ago, construction workers had to deal with sore fingers from missed nail heads. Technology has advanced to the point that pneumatic nail guns are as common as a hammer and nail. With prices being kept at competitive rates, even the lone handyman can afford the needed equipment. However, understanding the tool and how it works can help the user to get the maximum ...


How to Care for NiMH Batteries

Rechargeable NiMH (nickel-metal hydride) Ryobi power tool batteries are a necessity for power-hungry devices such as digital cameras, which can quickly drain conventional alkaline batteries. However, whereas alkaline batteries require little maintenance, NiMH batteries do need special care to not only extend their lifetime, but also to avoid potential dangers.

Remove NiMH...


Pros & Cons of NiMH Batteries

Nickel-metal hydride and lithium polymer Ryobi power tool batteries are rechargeable, versatile and used for small energy-draining devices. Hearing aids, radios, electronic toys and model planes all require these batteries to work at peak efficiency. Batteries are classified according to the materials used to make them. NiMH and LiPos offer some unique benefits over the other...



How Can I Tell How Old My Bosch Battery Is

As is the case with most modern Bosch BAT618 batteries, Bosch car batteries last many years before they need refurbishing or replacing. However, the problem lead-acid batteries suffer from is they provide little warning before they start dying. Your Bosch car battery may work fine all year, and then you may get one very cold night and go to start your car and the battery is...


How Do I Rebuild a DeWalt DC9096 Battery

The DeWalt DC9096 battery pack is an 18-volt unit consisting of 15 cells wired in series. The cells may be nickel metal hydride (NiMH) or nickel cadmium (NiCd) 1.2-volt cells. As with most rechargeable batteries, there is a finite number of times it can be charged and discharged. Eventually you find the battery goes dead quickly after getting charged. If this happens, don't...


Remove a Keyless Drill Chuck From a Makita Cordless Drill

Most cordless drills are equipped with a keyless chuck, and Makita 1420 drill batteries are no exception. A keyless chuck is tightened and loosened by hand, without the use of a tool. This type of chuck is designed for the easy removal and attachment of drill bits. Drill chucks may need to be replaced due to failure or maintenance issues; you can do this at home without...


How to Replace a Motor Brush in a Power Tool

Brush-type motors allow tool designers to integrate high power and speed in small hand-held motor packages. They also make it easy to control the power applied to the work within a compact variable-speed Makita power tool battery. Carbon motor brushes transfer electric current from a stationary motor housing to the rapidly-spinning segmented copper commutator on the motor...


How to Change the Battery on an Apple Laptop

Apple A1342 laptop batteries have a pretty good life cycle, as long as you let them drain completely each time before you recharge them. However, there will come a point when you may have to replace your Macbook or Macbook Pro’s battery. If this is the case and your Macbook or Macbook Pro was purchased before 2009, you should be able to do it yourself. Make sure you have a ...


How to Calculate Battery Watt-Hours

If you're a recreational vehicle owner, knowing how long your battery will provide power is important. And that's because your Makita 9122 drill battery will powers all your electrical appliances and electronic devices. So to prevent a miniblackout when you least expect it, learn to calculate how long your battery will last before it needs to be recharged. To do that, total the ...